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Our legal team provides a range of services, which begin with provision of guidance to clients where events are unfolding that hold the potential for litigation. 


Going to trial or arbitration should always be considered steps of last resort so early advice directed at solving a problem or ameliorating the effect of one is a cost effective way of approaching a dispute.  If early attempts to avoid or solve a problem are not successful we are ready, willing and able to litigate cases of all sizes and complexity.  


We are always willing to sit down with a potential client to find how best to advance or defend a position.  We also take pride in giving an honest appraisal of the client’s chances of success so that you may make informed decisions with a clear understanding of the risks and rewards.

Since 1992, Mackoff Mohamed has provided thoughtful and innovative representation to individuals and corporations. We possess a great depth of experience in trial and appellate work, mediation and arbitration. We understand that the best outcome in any case depends upon a number of considerations including preservation of ongoing business relationships and maintaining cost effectiveness. 

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