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Pay Transparency in British Columbia

Under the Pay Transparency Act, SBC 2023, c 18 (the “Act”), beginning November 1, 2023, all BC employers must include the expected pay or expected pay range for a specific job opportunity that they publicly advertise.

Employers looking to hire must note:

  • Expected pay or expected range of pay must be included within the job posting;

  • Wage or salary information should be the employer’s reasonable expectation of pay for the job at the time of posting;

  • Employers need not include bonus pay, overtime pay, commissions, tips, or benefits on job postings, although employers may voluntarily elect to disclose such information, if desired.

It is also important to note that general “help wanted” posters that do not advertise a specific opportunity and general recruitment campaigns that do not mention specific job opportunities are not captured by this requirement.

The Act does not currently set out penalties for non-compliant employers.

In implementing the Act, the province is attempting to address the issue of the gender pay gap that disproportionately impacts Indigenous women, women from visible minorities, and immigrant women.

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